Call to Host the EuHEA Conference in 2022

Deadline for Application

January 31, 2019

Call to Host the EuHEA Conference in 2022

EuHEA is interested in receiving proposals from academic health economics organizations to host the 2022 congress of the association for up to 1000 delegates. We welcome proposals from universities and national organizations as well as established health economics research centers.

The following document will provide you with the majority of the information that you will need to put in a proposal to take on the role of a EuHEA conference convener:

Congress Guidelines EUHEA 2022.pdf

Please submit your proposal including a provisional budget via email to

Deadline for Application: February 28, 2019

Decision will be taken by the Delegates of EuHEA following a proposal by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will evaluate all elements of an application, including the location, its distances from the airport and the City center, venues of social events, conformance with space requirements, quality of food and beverage provision and participation fees. As an external criterion, it will consider the geographical rotation of the host venues.