2018 student-supervisor conference

5 to7 September 2018

Catania, Italy

Early Career Committee

The Early Career Committee aims to ensure that the views of individuals at the beginning of their academic careers are reflected, and to actively engage junior members in the association and its future direction.

The EuHEA Early Career Committee consists of two representatives from each national health economics association. It is currently chaired by Rahel Meacock (UK Health Economics Study Group) and Sara Machado (Portuguese Health Economic Association).


Current members

UK Health Economics Study Group

Portugese Health Economics Association

Sara Machado (Committee Deputy Chair)

Email: s.machado@lse.ac.uk

Dutch Flemish Association for Health Economics VGE

Ben Winjen

French Health Economics Association

Léontine Goldzahl

Email: leontine.goldzahl@dauphine.fr

Italian Health Economics Association

Norwegian Health Economics Group

Spanish Health Economics Association

Myriam Soto Ruíz de Gordoa

Swiss Society of Health Economics

Nadia Pillai

German Health Economics Association

Verena Vogt

Email: verena.vogt@tu-berlin.de