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EUHEA promotes cooperation among all national health economics associations and groups in Europe. It also profiles and fosters health economics at European universities.

Elections 2020

Candidates Executive Committee

Presidency and Secretary

President Elect: Mathias Kifmann

Mathias Kifmann is Professor of Economics at the Department of Socioeconomics of the University of Hamburg and a member of the Hamburg Center for Health Economics. He is director of the M.Sc. program “Health Economics and Health Care Management”. Before joining the University of Hamburg, he was Professor of Public Economics and Social Policy at the University of Augsburg and a Lecturer at the University of Konstanz where he obtained his doctorate in Economics in 2001. Mathias’ research is focused on the design of social health insurance systems, the use of financial incentives in health care and the political economy of health care. He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Health Economics, the Journal of Health Economics, the Journal of Public Economic Theory, the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, and Public Choice. He has been an editor of the Journal of Health Economics since 2018. Together with Friedrich Breyer and Peter Zweifel he has written the textbook Health Economics. He belongs to the founding members of the German Health Economics Association. He has been involved in the organization of the European Health Economics Workshop, serving as organizer and member of the scientific committee.
Mathias is dedicated to academic cooperation between European health economists. He is committed to ensuring that EuHEA continues to promote health economics across Europe with high-quality conferences both for senior and young researchers and accessible at reasonable fees. In his experience, workshops are a very fruitful format for exchanging and discussing ideas. He therefore wants to encourage workshops on health economics topics relevant for European countries.

Executive Secretary: Stefan Boes

Stefan Boes is Professor of Health Economics at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland, and Director of the Center for Health, Policy and Economics (CHPE). He is currently acting as Vice Principal of the Department of Health Sciences and Medicine, is Head of the section Health Sciences and Health Policy and leads the development of the undergraduate program in health sciences at the University of Lucerne. Before coming to Lucerne, he was an Assistant Professor of Econometrics at the University of Bern and a Lecturer in Statistics and Econometrics at the University of Zurich, where he obtained his PhD in Economics in 2007. Stefan Boes’ research focuses on topics in applied health economics, econometrics, and policy evaluation. He is particularly interested in studying health-related behaviors and decisions, including health insurance choices, inequalities in health and related outcomes, the interaction between education and health, and design-based health econometrics. Recently, he also started working on topics related to evidence-informed policy-making, including information infrastructures and the development of the Swiss Learning Health System. He has published in international journals such as the Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organization, the Journal of Urban Economics, or Empirical Economics. He is Founding Member and Vice President of the Swiss Society of Health Economics (sggö) since 2016 and was Academic Director of the International Doctoral Courses in Health Economics and Policy (2017 -2019), an advanced PhD course program in health economics and policy coordinated by the sggö.

Other Members

3 vacant positions

Carine Franc

Carine Franc has been an health economics researcher at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, in a social science and public health multidisciplinary department (Centre d’Epidémiologie et de Santé des Populations, CESP Inserm UMR 1018). She has been member of the executive committee of the French Health Economics Association since 2008 and serving as its treasurer since 2017. Since 2013, she has also been president of the scientific committee of the French Health Economists Conference (JESF), which brings together nearly 130 health economists every year.

Due to her involvement in the French College of Health Economists, Carine Franc has been involved in the EuHEA since its creation as a delegate. Fully convinced of the need to promote health economics in Europe, and even more so after the covid-19 crisis, she proposes her candidacy as ordinary member of EuHEA’s executive committee. She is particularly interested in the development of early career health economists and she attended with her PhD students all PhD Early Career Meetings.

Born in 1973 in Toulouse (south-west France), she studied public economics and microeconomics at the Toulouse School of Economics. She holds a PhD in Economics Sciences from Toulouse University of Social Sciences in 2000 focusing on “Social Protection and Redistribution”. She completed her “habilitation to supervise research” on agency problems in health economics context, in 2012 at the Paris-Dauphine University.

Her research focuses on the study of the effects of economic and non-economic incentives on individual behavior. Considering the provision of care, her research aims at investigating which mechanism (financial and non-financial) can help to improve the effectiveness of primary care. Considering the demand for care, she has studied the respective role of public and private health insurances, the impact of the design of insurance coverage on health care demand and on inequalities in the access to care.

Bruce Hollingsworth

Bruce Hollingsworth is Professor of Health Economics at Lancaster University, UK and Director of Health Economics at Lancaster. Bruce was previously Director of the Centre for Health Economics at Monash University in Australia, where he remains Principal Research Fellow.

He has a BA(Hons) Economics, MSc Health Economics, and PhD focusing on economies of scope and efficiency in health services.

Bruce is investigator on a number of current large grants (£20m), and has over 150 publications, principally in the area of efficiency measurement with respect to the production of health and health care, social determinants of health, and the translation of research into practice.

He is an Editor of Health Economics, and has been an adviser to Government bodies and NGOs including the WHO, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, and a Gates Foundation International Advisory Committee.

He runs the international health economics discussion/twitter groups (3,500 members), is an active member of health economics organisations worldwide, an invited speaker at international conferences and to Government bodies, is referee for over 40 journals, and several international grant bodies.

Bruce is particularly committed to the development of early career health economists, students, and health economics capacity internationally. He helped found the Australasian Workshops on Econometrics and Health Economics, and is Chair of the iHEA Student Prize Committee. He was an iHEA Board member, and helped lead the Strategic Review of iHEA (iHEA 2020) on the structure and future of iHEA. Bruce regularly attends EuHEA meetings, and PHD/ECR meetings, and is Co-Organiser of the UK HESG.

Ruth Puig Peiró

Ruth Puig Peiró has served on the EuHEA Board from 2017 to 2020 and is seeking re-election for the 2020-23 term. As part of her responsibilities, Ruth was a member of the Executive Committee in charge of assessing the candidatures to host the 2022 EuHEA conference. Ruth has also been an Executive board member of the Spanish Health Economics Association (AES) since 2015, where she leads its communication strategy, including its Blog Economía y Salud, and the international stakeholder engagement. 

Ruth works as Health Economist at Public Health England (London), mainly focusing on non-communicable diseases. Her work provides strategic input to guide decision-making on the prioritisation of public health interventions and policies. Ruth has extensive experience working with public decision-makers. In Spain she worked for the Catalan Health Service, where she advised on designing and implementing the economic evaluation work programme of medicines within the existing Health Technology Assessment process. In 2016, she also led the development of the technical advice to the Catalan government in the context of the Commission for Pricing and Reimbursement of Medicines (CIPM), run by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Ruth blends her expertise in the public decision-making sphere with her experience in research and knowledge of the academic community, building bridges and creating opportunities for collaboration.

Outside the public service domain, Ruth has worked as an economist at the Office of Health Economics (London) and as a researcher at the former PSSRU (now the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, CPEC) at the LSE and the Centre for Research in Economics and Health (CRES) at University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona).

Finance Committee

2 vacant positions

Ciaran O’Neill

Detailed information will follow shortly

Aleksandra Torbica

Aleksandra Torbica, MSc, PhD is Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences and the Director of Centre for Research for Health and Social Care Management (CERGAS) at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy. She holds the MSc degree in Health Economics, Management and Policy from Bocconi University and a PhD in Economics and Management of Public Organisations from the University of Parma. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Italian Health Economics Association, previously its Secretary General. Her research interests span from methods for economic evaluation of healthcare technologies/programmes/services to governance of healthcare systems and evaluation of health policy/programs, both in developed and low-middle income countries. She has co-authored numerous articles and book chapters in prestigious international outlets in health economics and health policy. Since 2016, she has been serving as Co-Editor of the journal “Value in Health”.