“Health economics for sustainable welfare systems”

Postponed to 2022

Virtual conference 9 July 2020


Oslo conference postponed and replaced by online event

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis the full EUHEA 2020 conference from July 7-10 in Oslo, Norway is cancelled. The event is postponed to 2022. The Vienna conference is therefore moved to 2024.

So far the following replacements apply:

  • Accepted abstracts for the Oslo meeting will be published on EuHEA’s website by the end of May. We ask those authors who do not want their abstract to be published to please log into (important to log in): https://cfp.euhea.eu/conf/euhea2020 and delete the abstract.

  • On Thursday, July 9th we will organize a shorter web-based conference session that is likely to include the presidential address, 2-3 organized sessions, and a panel session on Covid-19. Access to this event will be free of charge.

  • A web-based seminar series, headed by the chairmen of Oslo’s scientific committee, Oddvar Kaarboe and Pedro Barros, with the support of the countries’ representatives. The start of a weekly series is planned for September.

About details we will keep you informed in the runup of the conference.

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We hope to see you in 2022 in Oslo!

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The Oslo Conference Host Organizing Committee